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Art at The Elms is fun, exciting and challenging, it grows the child's imagination and creativity, offering them a unique means of expressing themselves and exploring their place in the world. To enable this to happen the children need to exposed to lessons that allow them to...

  • See Art: developing the artist eye.
  • Do Art: developing skills and techniques in Art.
  • Be Creative: fostering and nurture creativity
  • Know about Art: beginning to learn and understand about Art.

Children in the infants are taught Art as part of their class lessons and explore skills and techniques through cross-curricular themes. Children in Reception Classes, Year 1 and Year 2 have use of a well-resourced dedicated Art and DT room at the Elms Lower School.

Children from Year 3 on have weekly specialist teaching in Art, this allows them to develop and extend their skills and experiences in Art in an exciting and progressive way, building on their experiences in the Infants. There is a dedicated Art studio at the Elms Upper School, where Juniors have their specialist lessons.

All children follow themes of work that engages them in regular observational drawing, crucial in developing their skills as artists. They then branch out by exploring a wide range of mediums, learning and refining skills and building up ideas, which will suggest possibilities to develop their own individual creativity. The children regularly study artists and art movements, from cave art to Da Vinci to Banksy. This helps them to gain an understanding of the motivations of artist and the different methods that they use, which in turn allows them to put their own work into context and provides inspiration and an insight into the vibrant world of art. These experiences involve visits to local, national and international galleries.

In the Juniors the children begin to focus on the main elements of Art and have the opportunity to work in a wide range of 2D and 3D, they learn the vocabulary involved in the elements. Over their time at The Elms children will work in a range of paint materials, from bold vivid inks through to delicate washes in watercolour. They will experience a wide range of drawing contexts and uses a large variety of materials. Children will develop their print making from simple fold prints to complex multi step printing. They will work in a variety of 3D materials, including clay, wirework, casting in plaster and collaborative and individual model making. Textile work ranges from learning to sew, to felting unspun wool to creating images, to weaving and silk painting. In Year 6, our children get to learn how to fuse glass, to create a glass coaster and in the last term, to make a ten pane legacy window to mark the end of their primary school education. The Elms is one of very few schools in the country to offer this experience. 



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