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Geography at The Elms revolves around developing transferrable and real life skills both inside and outside the classroom which will allow our children to actively engage in the world around them. 

Our Foundation Stage cohorts increase their knowledge of the world through exploration activities on the beautiful surrounding campus which allows them to increase skill and understanding in a safe and positive learning environment. 

Our Infant children combine many elements of Geography with other areas of the curriculum, with our Year 1 children travelling to the Amazon rainforest to examine the differences in in both physical and human geographical issues.

Year 2 look closer to home and examine Island life, furthering their understanding of natural and man-made landforms by looking at how islands are formed and developed by those who live there.  Year 2 are fortunate to dedicate a whole curriculum day to their Geography topic, allowing them to experience island life in as much depth and detail as possible as they ‘become’ characters from Marie Hedderwick’s Katie Morag stories.

Our Year 3 children look at the development of our local area and how it has been affected by both natural and human changes over the course of the last century, focusing on how the change in industry has played a role in our immediate area as well as moving much further afield to consider how life is different in a tropical environment, by examining the Island of St Lucia.

Within our Juniors, field study trips play in important role in fostering the skills of our children – allowing them not only to develop core Geography skills such as orienteering, map reading and recognition of key landforms but also how they have been created and influenced over periods of time and are continually being altered by our impact on the planet. This is especially beneficial for our Year 4 children in their study of Coastal environments. 

Upper Junior children are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of different countries and their geographical differences to our own as they examine areas in both India and Central America, as well as looking at the creation, impact and importance of river and mountain environments. Our Year 6 children are afforded the privilege of extending their understanding of geographical and cultural significance of our nation’s capital in an action packed week’s learning in London.

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