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The aims of Modern Foreign Languages teaching at The Elms are:

  • To develop positive and confident attitudes towards language learning throughout life
  • To introduce children to the skills and strategies required for foreign language learning
  • To provide a sound basis for further MFL learning at secondary school and beyond
  • To introduce an international dimension to the children’s learning, giving them an insight into their own culture and language and a curiosity about the peoples and cultures of the countries whose language they are learning

All children at The Elms learn a foreign language from Pre-school to Year 6 within curriculum time. All MFL lessons are taught by a subject specialist.


Children in Pre-School and Reception have a weekly French lesson, taught by a subject specialist. Our French specialist visits Pre-school to teach, whereas Reception classes have their lessons in the specialist MFL room. The emphasis is very much on speaking and listening skills at this age, introducing French through songs, finger rhymes, role-plays, CDs and DVDs.


All infants have a 30-minute French lesson every week with a subject specialist in the MFL classroom. This enables a wide range of resources to be available in a stimulating environment. The focus is on speaking and listening, so the children use CDs, DVDs, work books, picture books, websites and French displays to develop their French. We use a structured and progressive course, which continues the sort of activities used in EYFS and introduces some simple reading activities. In Year 2 the children are able to borrow French reading books to share at home with parents and can play website games at home, which help to build their French vocabulary.

Throughout the Infant years, we aim to foster self-confidence and enjoyment in French lessons, believing that these are the most secure foundations for future foreign language learning.


All MFL lessons continue to be taught by a subject specialist in the MFL room, where the children can be surrounded by displays and resources in the language they are studying. In addition to speaking and listening, Juniors are gradually introduced to reading and writing activities, so that they are able to use all four key skills in MFL by the time they leave The Elms.

The MFL curriculum for Juniors is as follows:

  • Year 3              French            40 minutes per week
  • Year 4              French             45 minutes per week
  • Year 5              Spanish            1 hour per week
  • Year 6              German           1 hour per week

Trent College offers our children the choice of French, Spanish or German when they move into Year 7.

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