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It is very important to us at The Elms that all children feel they are part of the school community.

Part of this is to ensure that they have a voice and that they have a strong network of friends and peers which aids our pupils to develop into happy and socially confident young people.

We are a happy school with a close knit environment which naturally fosters the development of close pupil relationships but to aid this process we also have a number of initiatives some of which are detailed on the tabs below.

Buddies for new pupils

It is always a daunting time when you start at a new school with different routines and lots of new faces, however that stress at The Elms is minimised. Our children are always supportive of each other and when a new student begins at The Elms a 'Buddy' is assigned by the class teacher.

This 'Buddy' takes extra time to show children around making sure that they have a smiling face to talk to and play with at break time, someone to show them where to sit at lunchtime and someone to help them start to learn their way around school. More often than not the 'Buddy' will be voluntarily supported by many students all wanting to make a new friend!

Staff take an interest in new children and will always be on hand if a new student needs it. However, we are proud of the warm welcome and support that our Elms students will offer to any child upon entering this school.


At The Elms we believe that children should be given the opportunity to become role models within our school community. One of the many ways we develop this sense of communal responsibility is through using Year 6 children as prefects.

Every child is given the opportunity to become a prefect, writing a letter of application to The Head, at the start of the school year. From these letters children are chosen, each term, to perform a range of duties throughout the year.

As well as leading tours of the school at our Open Morning, prefects help in the dining hall with the Year 1 and 2 children as well as walking younger students to and from the playground. Every day prefects help put out equipment into each playground and then organise lunchtime games before helping the lunchtime supervisors put the equipment away at the end. The libraries are helped by prefects at lunchtimes and any named lost property is returned to its owner.

We feel that our younger children look up to our prefects as real role models and this helps all of our students to develop into mature, responsible young adults.

Listening to Pupils, the School Council

The Elms School Council successfully gives every child a voice. Regular class council meetings allow the two school council representatives to pass on their views to a larger audience. The School Council is run by members of Year 6 who act as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Following each meeting the minutes are typed up by the Secretary and circulated to each class for further discussion. Any points raised are passed on the Elms Leadership Team for discussion by the Head, Deputy Head and Key Stage Leaders. Any points are then taken back and fed back to each School Council representative.

Topics covered have included a discussion about school dinners, playground equipment, after school clubs, bullying, the school uniform and other kit, golden time, rewards and sanctions and even homework!

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