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Pupils Impress Mayor in Plastic Debate

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Last week pupils from Year 6 engaged in an enthusiastic debate about the pros and cons of plastic usage in schools.

Held at Long Eaton Town Hall, the event was a great opportunity to experience debate and practise democracy in an authentic setting. The children were privileged to be joined by The Mayor of Erewash himself, Councillor Chris Corbett, who was delighted to be invited to chair the event.

During the debate, our pupils spoke out against the negative effects that plastic has on sea life and considered the ways in which plastic affects the environment around us. The children put forward some great proposals for reducing the use of plastic at The Elms, such as replacing plastic toys with wooden ones.

A final vote concluded the debate, with 26 pupils voting against plastic in School and 19 voting in favour of it. Throughout their time at the Town Hall, our pupils demonstrated a genuine passion for the topic they were debating, as well as a clear understanding of both sides of the argument. Councillor Corbett said, “The debate was great fun and it was amazing how confident children of that age can be. They had done their research and were prepared to speak up.”

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